How to Make Friends and Join Web 2.0!

Web 2.0 constantly pushes people to follow trends: pink is the new black, orange is the new black, gray is really a kind of modernized black, who knows. Once people are tired of trends, they usually return home and decide to get stable instead of trying to please everyone's wildly differing tastes. Variety is good, just don't set your hair on fire trying to figure out 'the new black'.

Review of “The Winner’s Circle”

This book, The Winner's Circle,¬†starts with the truth of writing, and has some good quotes and valuable background about the beginnings of the Amway corporation.¬†(Note - if you want to bash the Amway company, or any of its subsidiary leadership groups, go start yet another whiny blog, and see how long it lasts. They can... Continue Reading →

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