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Comparison: Academics versus Business Enthusiasts

As I was editing a short ebook (14 pages) on the topic of healing (biofeedback, energy release, and vitamins), a great insight hit me. Enthusiasm and confidence matter more to a buying public than scientific accuracy. This healer's ebook was not clearly related to a video course that I was watching: Chandler Bolt's  Self-Publishing School. But both of… Continue reading Comparison: Academics versus Business Enthusiasts


Editing versus Redefined Confusion

In some ways, editing is quite counter-cultural. Whereas our culture tells us to Always Expand, editing says "Reduce". Our culture says, "All self-expression is necessary, useful, and good." Editing says, "Rubbish - your audience doesn't care about your self-expression unless it relates to them or tells a good story." I enjoy editing because it follows… Continue reading Editing versus Redefined Confusion


No Certification Necessary (i.e. Prepare to Slog)

I'd suspected as much from hours of unpaid online research, but I finally found a Canadian editor saying - in fun snarky terms - exactly what I thought: there's no Golden Road to becoming an editor. You essentially have to speak it into existence (tell people you're an editor), and back that up with experience.… Continue reading No Certification Necessary (i.e. Prepare to Slog)