Company Leadership: Visionary versus Organizer

There are many leadership hats, but the widest division (that's most apparent in a medium-sized SMB) comes between two types. The Visionary is all about the Why. The Organizer is all about the How. Filling in the Gaps In a small but growing enterprise, if you tend toward one or the other, you must find your... Continue Reading →

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Freelancing Platforms – Searching for Alternatives to Upwork (formerly oDesk + Elance)

Especially for small business owners, either business or trouble tends to arrive in waves. For instance, if I pick up a phone call from a potential new client, that's the exact moment when the house phone will be ringing nonstop, and someone is also ringing the doorbell. For hours before or after, there's a flat calm in... Continue Reading →

Sales Techniques: Hunting, Gathering, and Sustainable Farming

In the new Western culture, almost every aspect of social life has become female rather than male-oriented. The topic of Sales is no different. Most sales seminars now focus on long-term relationship-building, which is wonderful for women-owned businesses, but might not make sense for others (i.e. males and highly project-oriented women). The current wisdom is to strongly resist any of... Continue Reading →

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