Managing the Fees Trap

These seemingly endless fees are just the irritation fuel that I need to create a spreadsheet with my clients' contact information: website, email, phone, etc. If I can find or create a way to funnel contracting clients to a better system or platform, one that will not charge us the earth and then say, "It's because you need our genius help desk system," I'm going to find it!

The No-Limit Lie

One of the reasons why our post-Protestant Work Ethic culture is allergic to the idea of rest? It's a limitation. It's a sign that says "Stop." If you constantly tell yourself, and others, that it's wrong to put limits in front of people - you won't put any limits on yourself.

Analysis Paralysis! Help!

...the phenomenon of marketing overload means that we skim over what should be read deeply. Months ago, I edited a book review on Cal Newport's business neo-classic, Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World. His viewpoint was that nothing meaningful gets done without quiet, focused attention; that much multitasking means we do a lot of tasks that really don't accomplish long-term goals.

Company Leadership: Visionary versus Organizer

There are many leadership hats, but the widest division (that's most apparent in a medium-sized SMB) comes between two types. The Visionary is all about the Why. The Organizer is all about the How. Filling in the Gaps In a small but growing enterprise, if you tend toward one or the other, you must find your … Continue reading Company Leadership: Visionary versus Organizer

Working from a Farmhouse: The Dream

I do have a dream. By the time I retire, I want to own a house on the Isle of Skye, complete with fishing and farming rights. This Xero blogpost gets close to the Dream - running a rural accountancy practice from an English farmhouse is....close. (Please, citizens of Scotland, do not shout at your computer; I'm … Continue reading Working from a Farmhouse: The Dream

The Principle of Nice

While my logical brain informed me that (a) it's useless to argue either on Facebook or email, and (b) I could be using the time in much better ways, my emotional side came back with this argument: "Yeah, but they're being JERKS. And they shouldn't be allowed to be that way."

Freelancing Platforms – Searching for Alternatives to Upwork (formerly oDesk + Elance)

Especially for small business owners, either business or trouble tends to arrive in waves. For instance, if I pick up a phone call from a potential new client, that's the exact moment when the house phone will be ringing nonstop, and someone is also ringing the doorbell. For hours before or after, there's a flat calm in … Continue reading Freelancing Platforms – Searching for Alternatives to Upwork (formerly oDesk + Elance)

Sales Techniques: Hunting, Gathering, and Sustainable Farming

In the new Western culture, almost every aspect of social life has become female rather than male-oriented. The topic of Sales is no different. Most sales seminars now focus on long-term relationship-building, which is wonderful for women-owned businesses, but might not make sense for others (i.e. males and highly project-oriented women). The current wisdom is to strongly resist any of … Continue reading Sales Techniques: Hunting, Gathering, and Sustainable Farming

Review: It’s Not About the Coffee

I knew from the moment I opened Howard Behar's book that I would not find it amazing or life-changing. Fortunately, an Amazon buyer has picked it up, so I managed to at least make $1 or so on the resale. While it is surprising to know that some business owners wear their hearts on their … Continue reading Review: It’s Not About the Coffee

Editing for English as a Second Language (ESL)

Today, a potential client named John Smith asked if I had written on ESL topics (English as a Second Language), and I replied that he'd just given me a great blogpost idea. You may regret the inspiration Mr. Smith, but it's too late now! Most Common Advantages of ESL Writers Most ESL writers are worried … Continue reading Editing for English as a Second Language (ESL)