How much does a Garden Office cost?

Source: How much does a Garden Office cost? I love this post. So much. "This shed will do, sure!.....Now how can I revision the thing so it works?" I'm listening to my husband doing a "GRRRR" session in our home office. His employer has laid off the worker to whom he could delegate projects, so… Continue reading How much does a Garden Office cost?

Comparisons · Creative

Comparison: Academics versus Business Enthusiasts

As I was editing a short ebook (14 pages) on the topic of healing (biofeedback, energy release, and vitamins), a great insight hit me. Enthusiasm and confidence matter more to a buying public than scientific accuracy. This healer's ebook was not clearly related to a video course that I was watching: Chandler Bolt's  Self-Publishing School. But both of… Continue reading Comparison: Academics versus Business Enthusiasts


Creative Inspiration! YouTube Videos

Sometimes, the material I'm editing is less than inspiring. So, I do what any sane citizen does in this globally connected universe: turn on YouTube. Why buy an iPod nano when all the inspiration I need is on YouTube? (If the Internet ever gets taxed, I think I'll become a useless sack of human complaints, firmly parked… Continue reading Creative Inspiration! YouTube Videos

Web 2.0

How to Make Friends and Join Web 2.0!

Web 2.0 constantly pushes people to follow trends: pink is the new black, orange is the new black, gray is really a kind of modernized black, who knows. Once people are tired of trends, they usually return home and decide to get stable instead of trying to please everyone's wildly differing tastes. Variety is good, just don't set your hair on fire trying to figure out 'the new black'.


Managing the Fees Trap

These seemingly endless fees are just the irritation fuel that I need to create a spreadsheet with my clients' contact information: website, email, phone, etc. If I can find or create a way to funnel contracting clients to a better system or platform, one that will not charge us the earth and then say, "It's because you need our genius help desk system," I'm going to find it!


The No-Limit Lie

One of the reasons why our post-Protestant Work Ethic culture is allergic to the idea of rest? It's a limitation. It's a sign that says "Stop." If you constantly tell yourself, and others, that it's wrong to put limits in front of people - you won't put any limits on yourself.


Analysis Paralysis! Help!

...the phenomenon of marketing overload means that we skim over what should be read deeply. Months ago, I edited a book review on Cal Newport's business neo-classic, Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World. His viewpoint was that nothing meaningful gets done without quiet, focused attention; that much multitasking means we do a lot of tasks that really don't accomplish long-term goals.