Fiverr! And the business of self-promotion

“If you’re green, you’re growing.” Ever heard that phrase in the business world? Like a million times?

Mold can be green – that doesn’t mean you’ve arrived at Green Acres, ready to start planting. However, it’s generally a good phrase that means, “Do new stuff or else your audience will get bored.” Even Shakespeare sometimes rolled out new, impulsive works like the Merry Wives of Windsor, just to keep people interested in popular stuff or characters. Falstaff was a big name back in the day, and everyone wanted to see the crazy fat man prancing around playing tricks on his friends. Oh, the glory days of the Empire, when piracy was promoted!

So while firing through my email piles, I found a connection who said Fiverr was great. I’d tried it a few years ago, and wasn’t that impressed. I built a sizable client base on Upwork. Then they charged higher prices (20%) and started trying to build a real online empire. Many of my clients left, or started contacting me through email. So I started looking around.

I still don’t like Guru. I’m not sure why.

But on the basis of someone who asked to connect with me on LinkedIn, and because I was already thinking about it, TODAY I built a profile on Fiverr. Why? Because they made it easy. 

It is so easy to post a profile, build a Facebook page, or just piggyback off of other people’s posts. Businesses make it fantastically easy to send out notices about yourself, and build email campaigns, and use their sites….it’s not difficult to get on another online platform if you’ve done it once.

I’m a late adaptor. But I can change. If I have to. I guess. (Red Green Show adaptation)


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