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Comparison: Academics versus Business Enthusiasts

As I was editing a short ebook (14 pages) on the topic of healing (biofeedback, energy release, and vitamins), a great insight hit me. Enthusiasm and confidence matter more to a buying public than scientific accuracy. This healer's ebook was not clearly related to a video course that I was watching: Chandler Bolt's  Self-Publishing School. But both of… Continue reading Comparison: Academics versus Business Enthusiasts


Creative Inspiration! YouTube Videos

Sometimes, the material I'm editing is less than inspiring. So, I do what any sane citizen does in this globally connected universe: turn on YouTube. Why buy an iPod nano when all the inspiration I need is on YouTube? (If the Internet ever gets taxed, I think I'll become a useless sack of human complaints, firmly parked… Continue reading Creative Inspiration! YouTube Videos