Company Leadership: Visionary versus Organizer

There are many leadership hats, but the widest division (that's most apparent in a medium-sized SMB) comes between two types. The Visionary is all about the Why. The Organizer is all about the How. Filling in the Gaps In a small but growing enterprise, if you tend toward one or the other, you must find your … Continue reading Company Leadership: Visionary versus Organizer

Working from a Farmhouse: The Dream

I do have a dream. By the time I retire, I want to own a house on the Isle of Skye, complete with fishing and farming rights. This Xero blogpost gets close to the Dream - running a rural accountancy practice from an English farmhouse is....close. (Please, citizens of Scotland, do not shout at your computer; I'm … Continue reading Working from a Farmhouse: The Dream