Big vs Small Apple: An Illustration of Small Business Strengths

I like Apple products because they work - and make my life easier. So when they stop working, I'm less than happy. Big Apple: Experience with an Apple Store Despite my status as a Millenial (born in 1982), my core identity is an Introvert medium majority adopter. So, despite Apple's really clever marketing model in their... Continue Reading →

Always More, Never Less: Means You Never Get to Rest

This is an issue faced by most small businesses: pressure toward endless growth. In a way, this is a good problem to have. Growth is good, and adding on employees because you're screaming busy is ... kind of...the dream. It's truly miserable to be twiddling your thumbs, wishing you had any ideas about marketing that didn't... Continue Reading →

Editing versus Redefined Confusion

In some ways, editing is quite counter-cultural. Whereas our culture tells us to Always Expand, editing says "Reduce". Our culture says, "All self-expression is necessary, useful, and good." Editing says, "Rubbish - your audience doesn't care about your self-expression unless it relates to them or tells a good story." I enjoy editing because it follows... Continue Reading →

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