Reject Feminism, Embrace Being Female: Or, I don’t have to be Angelina Jolie

To explain the title of this blog, it’s necessary to delve into the deep and dark career of


A child of movie stars, Angelina moved through a murky adolescence and into great fame and acclaim. She has claimed news headlines by adopting children from countries outside the United States, marrying another popular movie star, and generally trying to make something good out of her life instead of just cashing in on royalty checks offered by pitying parents. I admire her take-the-bull-by-the-horns attitude.

However, every one of her films (barring the amazing Mr. and Mrs. Smith spy film) has a major flaw that sets my teeth on edge: Power Woman Who Conquers Men. She is larger than life. She kicks butt – the Russian equivalent of SEALS, mobsters, hackers in the Wide World of the Internet (see ‘Hackers’), no man in tight pants can ever match her bee-stung lips or appealing and totally erroneous air of vulnerability.

Do I want her life? Heck no. Do I want her family? Not if the paparazzi are attached. Then what do I dislike so much?

Militant Feminism: Roar If You’re a Real Woman

In the business world, especially at NAWBO networking meetings, there’s a not-so-subtle push along the lines of Take No Prisoners – Don’t Compete with Men, Just Beat Them.

For example, Meredith Lepore has written a post being thrown around on Levo: What We Learned from 6 Famous Women who Failed Forward This Year. Her shining stars of femininity included the utterly gross Lady Gaga, and Adele. While I have always admired Lady Gaga’s wry cleverness in accurately summarizing the stupid clubbing lifestyle, I neither admire her morals nor her bids for fame. If she’s experiencing writer’s block, good – maybe some 12-year-olds won’t have to be poisoned by her disgusting perspective on relationships. Perhaps she’ll atone for her sins in future by acting as a model for a “This is What Drugs Do” ad. Should I be ‘nicer’ in displaying my obvious conservative Christian bias? (Note: nobody is being forced to read this post that’s full of my opinions.)

I’ve sung along to Adele’s songs (oh, the hypocrisy!!) and enjoyed their rather dark exploration of sorrow and relationships, but I’m glad that she’s too happy to delve into more angsty songs. Happiness probably killed Paul Simon’s career. (Was he really that great without Garfunkel?)

While I admire women who aren’t afraid to fight for what they believe, four out of the six women mentioned in this article are only noteworthy for their entertainment careers (per the article’s content). Two of them engage in sports for a living. Arguably, those careers offer more similarity to entertainment than, say, a  career of self-sacrifice: child-rearing, military, law enforcement.

Contrast: Florence Nightingale

Long ago, I read a book featuring Florence Nightingale, who revolutionized the nursing world. She fought doctors’ prejudice of women as inadequate, fluff-headed helpers, and fought the cultural bias against women as incapable of dealing in the blood and dirt of soldiers as casualties of war. Oh, and the cultural bias against women seeing men in less-than-modest or sanitary surroundings.

So, she railed against doctors in person, started a campaign in Parliament by waving placards stating ‘Down with Male Oppressors’, and gained the respect and admiration of other women by her zesty no-compromise attitude.

No. She begged and cajoled her way into gathering up nursing students willing to go into war-torn areas without much support – and told her students not to treat the dying men until the doctors asked for help.

Parliament had already said “yes”. But the doctors were resisting with everything they had. Florence Nightingale counseled patience, and out-waited the harassed and overworked doctors, who saw her as just another Women’s Libber with a Cause….a nuisance. Later, after seeing her tireless and selfless efforts, she was hailed as a hero.

Major Objection to Feminism

I like wearing jeans to work, and I don’t particularly appreciate men telling me what to do. But I also do not like women telling me that my validity as a person means taking on masculine traits.

I also don’t like the concept that it’s okay to beat on a particular segment of society, because of the sins of their grandfathers from long ago. What makes the new oppressors any different from the old ones, or any more virtuous? You’ve just swapped an old type of mind-control for another.

Get Beyond Stereotypes

You know who I admire? BOTH my parents. Dad made major sacrifices so I could have a college education, and so his family would be provided for; he traveled 90 minutes round-trip in blistering Phoenix summers on public transport, so we didn’t want for anything. Mom mowed lawns for neighbors so we could have snazzy vacations in California – and taught chemistry classes at our tiny poor private school. They both said, “Don’t whine.” They were right about 98% of everything.

If you’re a stay-at-home Mom who keeps your kids out of gun-ridden public schools, good for you. If you use that as an excuse to sit around on a couch and feed off your husband’s paycheck….you probably attend a lot of fundraisers and gossip on someone else’s dime. Statistically, there are probably a lot more hard-working moms who get asked insulting questions about their family size in grocery stores, than society bimbos with cash.

I loved my Dad – he was a great example. But I don’t have to BE him to be in business, or to be a success in life.


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