Master and Commander – Or Just Head Slave

I was speaking with my sister Karen Reyburn today (she inspires accountants to actually do marketing), and it occurred to me that business owners are schizophrenics with multiple personality disorder. Truly, we sign up for the oddest things. We're not only the Head Boss, we're also the Head Slave. We also labor under the delusion that the... Continue Reading →

Build Sales & Reputation with E-Books – ICON 13 with Jim Kukral

Jim Kukral made a very good point at ICON 2013 ("The Ultimate Small Business Conference" in Phoenix): publishers are only necessary for signing bonuses. They are in the business of paper, not content, and content is read on mobile phones worldwide. (To show that Jim really is an expert, see his TED Talk video.) So, if... Continue Reading →

Book Review: EntreLeadership by Dave Ramsey

This book is definitely a good read - simple and direct. I'm not the ideal audience, because he's encouraging business owners to reach a level that I don't want to reach, but at least half of the book is applicable in any business situation. Especially the chapter on Hiring and Firing practices. In the world of mega-corporations,... Continue Reading →

Cost of Self-Publishing

Beyond the eternal lawyer-like response of "it depends", the most helpful response to a 'what does it cost' question is this: personal experiences. Why? Because the market rules. So as you're thinking about whether or not to get a ghostwriter, a part-time blogger, or an editor to help you write your self-published this article: How Much... Continue Reading →

Streamlining to Essentials (i.e. Getting Rid of Crap)

So here's an amazing and insightful revelation: getting rid of crap frees you up for the future. Seriously, I had no idea how much the growing list of "You Need To/You Haven't Done" was weighing on my mind. I could spend hours researching the psychological effects of procrastination, but this is really what happened in my brain:... Continue Reading →

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