Web 2.0 Meets Old-Fashioned Customer Fulfillment

Here’s a common sequence in business. You have a great idea. You sell your family on it, or they just tell you ‘try it and see what happens’, then you sink money into it, but since you don’t have a great deal of knowledge….you’re in debt in a few years. Now you have 3 options: Job, bankruptcy, or push forward.

Sound familiar? Casey Graham walked down this familiar dark road like thousands of others, but differentiated himself by turning it into the foundation for a success story.

Casey Graham

These Red Truck moments, says Casey, happen when you hit desperation, and you need to innovate.

Red Truck

A death threat in Manila caused him to review his company’s concept and sales strategy (riding around in his red truck, pitching pastors on concepts). Infusionsoft – another small business – helped the company to move from bleeding money to making it, and winning awards. Twitter, webinars, and marketing automation helped link them to real customers, instead of spinning their wheels (literally), wasting time trying to find “predictable income streams”.

Strategy: Do 3 Things, Ask 3 Questions

Doing + asking helps you to move forward without losing momentum. It’s not an ‘either or’, it’s an ‘and’ proposition. (This also works grammatically – pick the right conjunction!)

Dominate, Don’t Dabble

Own one channel or one idea or lead source – don’t play around with 20 different strategies. Get really good in one area, and THEN move on. It really helps open up your mind space, and keeps you from keeping busy without accomplishing anything.

Build the List

Add to your email list, Twitter followers, or Pinterest friends – depending on which channel you really want to dominate. Offer content, and follow up. If you don’t spend time figuring out how to make something work, you’ll spend all of your time finding out how things done halfway don’t work.

Really, Casey didn’t come up with anything new. He found a company to help him simplify the process of asking customers questions about what they really want and need. People need simple. There’s enough complexity in life to drown us, if we let it. Locate and dominate the life raft, don’t dabble in the vast ocean of possibility.

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