Tips on Self-Publishing from Speedy Publishing

Like most writers and editors, I do have a dream – of publishing. Somehow, someday, just not today, because today I need to work to pay the bills.

Paying Bills

Since Writers Digest was kind enough to offer some Free Webinars (thought that would capture your attention!), here’s a summary of one that I checked out today: “Secrets of Successful Self Publishers“.



  1. Old-style Publishing: Author to Agent to Publisher to Distributor to Retail Channels…to readers.
  2. New Self-Publishing: Author to Channel (Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iTunes, Kobo, Barnes & Noble’s Nook)
    • Disadvantage to Readers = confusion on freeway of options (e-readers, mobile, print, PC, live streaming)
    • Disadvantage to Authors = needing to learn reader-friendly formats (add video, MP3, mobile app format)
    • Necessary conversion tools aren’t that expensive (Adobe Creative Cloud, eBook Software, App Creator, Word).


  1. Obtain ISBN for every format
    • Differentiate from other writers’ titles
    • Helps Bowker book resellers (Books in Print, Bookwire) to find your content
    • Helps readers & retailers find and catalogue your book (or
  2. Set up Metadata
    • Professional Cover
    • Short book description with keywords
    • Add book excerpt with main characters
    • Author Bio (your story)
    • Posted reader/editorial reviews
    • Correct Codes (BIC, BISAC)
    • Correct names (imprint or publisher name)
  3. Types of Distribution
    • Direct – to Amazon or iTunes (issue: enhanced eBooks w/ media aren’t always allowed)
    • Aggregator – upload content once, on different platforms (sometimes limited distribution)
    • Vanity – pay to publish (low sales revenue)
    • Publisher – full distribution across channels (restrictive contracts)


  1. Build a Pipeline – from you to your loyal readers. (Make discovery a continual process.)
  2. Multiple Format Checklist:
    • Social media (Facebook & Goodreads & Library Thing)
    • Email (BookBub)
    • Offline marketing (USPS Direct Marketing + Google Trends)
  3. Extras:
    • Check eBook Niche Explorer to find out popular/hot topics on Amazon (see if readers actually want your targeted topics)
    • Under The Radar niches like SEM Rush to spy on Amazon’s massive traffic flows and advertising and keyword-buying habits

….and this is why I keep reading books instead of writing them!

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