Rewatching a Peter Shankman Video (ICON14)

Official video title: “Nailing Customer Loyalty in the Era of Mobile and Social”.

Peter Shankman

Really, it’s Peter Shankman explaining with humor that failing to finish college, and then selling 500 anti-Titanic T-shirts in NY Times Square, are a great preview to making your business dreams come alive. Think, a mix between the film “Jobs” and …. a really funny verbal blogpost. Here are some snapshot summaries of what he talked about.

  1. Brand Everything You Do – we live in a world of copy-cats.
  2. Create an Army of Zombie Loyalists (HARO sell-off story) – the ‘how’ points below.


Be Transparent – because everyone knows what’s happening in real-time anyway.


Relevance – reach your fractured audience with content they want…by asking them what information they want. Saves money, saves time, raises revenue.


Brevity is Networking – average attention span for new customers = 3 seconds or less. My favorite line: “Bad writing is destroying society….Why should I trust you/care about what you do if you can’t even spell?” Amen.

Top of Mind

Top of Mind – stay in constant contact to cut through distractions. Treat the customers you have like gold, they’ll bring in the gold by bringing you the customers that you want. “Bring random amazement into normal situations.”

(For a preview of Brevity, since I can’t give you a link to the ICON14 full video: YouTube video)

Peter Shankman is a great entertaining speaker, and for the most part, I’m on board with the plan, though I had an issue with the transparency rule – there’s no discussion of consequences. ‘Screw up and then own it, don’t cover it up’ – okay, that works. What about the fact that first you own up to the problem, then you involve yourself in a solution?

Long-term, people will remember how many times you’ve biffed it…until you stop biffing it. You missed a deadline, you missed an opportunity, you failed to come through for them. Does everyone do this once in a while? Yes. Can you go back and change the past? No. However, one can always make a resolution of character to change, and stick with it.

For 2015, this is my one and only resolution: Finish projects, on time or early, and build customer loyalty. Otherwise, the other 4 points won’t be worth much.

Also, it’s time to buy tickets to ICON15.

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