When the Time is Right

I love knowing that there’s planning ahead, there’s budgeting, and there’s timing – and sometimes, you get all three.

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by Amy Kucharski, Waco, Texas
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The decision to go didn’t come to me until I shut the car door. We were supposed be on a walk, after all. Joe was gone to New York, and I was going to spend those four days walking everywhere with the kids and the stroller – I’d get tanner, and lose more weight, and look amazing when he got home, and the kids would be happy and relaxed. But Luke begged me to drive to Target instead of walking. We had the car, after all. I wasn’t used to that. Sitting in the car, then, the thought came to me that we could drive over to the music store first and talk to the owner.

She was pleasant, the woman who owned the place. She taught lessons. She had pianos, sold them. Grand pianos. New pianos. Top of the line digital pianos. I told…

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