Navigating the Twin Pits of Time and Price

Ideally, every small business owners could charge what they really want – what they're really worth – but that doesn't always happen. Our main challenges come down to four areas: price, comparisons, time, and confidence.   Challenge: Price This is the most quoted and least understood reason why a client will or will not accept... Continue Reading →

Different Tears for Different Times

If you've ever tried to explain the difference between crying for joy and crying for sorrow - to a friend or spouse - this article will satisfy the listener's skepticism about different emotions sparking different tears ("Looking At Tears Under a Microscope"). Sometimes, as women in small businesses, we get some erroneous ideas about tears: Big... Continue Reading →

A crepe suzette-ish fetish

This is a good and worthy use of citrus!

ice cream magazine

The cat crept into the crypt, crêped and crept out again, well I think that’s how it went, blessed with English elocution lessons via a dopey Italian Nun who spoke fractal ‘Hengleesh furthermore she would have been struck dumb if her hands were tied together. Lemon and sugar on your tongue twister Sister?
Citrus ©  Citrus ©
Citrus ©  Citrus ©
Having (over considerable years) had a bit of thing, some may call it addiction, to variations of boozy crepe, it could be considered a suzette’ish fetish.  Likely an age thing as my indulgence began in the giddy days before the pancake police drew a halt to the table side flambé.
Citrus ©  Citrus ©
Citrus peel  ©  Citrus segments ©
This year our Spring-Summer pancake collection SS14 we have designed a frivolous cake from our ‘stack ‘um high’ collection. Inspired by pancake-expectation in zesty orange.  Every well dress pancake will be sporting natty little segments of orange, some slightly zesty, the sweetest…

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Trying New Things and Female Entrepreneur Guilt

People often say that it's important to Try New Things. In the spirit of "why not", I'm manfully working my way through the expansion of my musical boundaries: Icelandic music. (Thanks a lot, Buzzfeed.) The only really big problem with Trying New Things is that ....well.....they're new. They take time to work through and time to... Continue Reading →

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